About Vertigo Coach

VERTIGO COACH is a new smartphone app that Abbott has developed to help your patients manage the symptoms of vertigo. It is intended to be used as an addition to the advice, guidance and treatment that you already provide.

What Vertigo Coach Offers
  • Information including articles about vertigo for patients to help manage the symptoms.
  • A range of vestibular rehabilitation exercises, to be discussed with you, are described together with demonstration videos that your patients can watch and follow.
  • The app also helps patients keep track of their medication and the exercises they have selected with notifications and reminder.

Introducing Vertigo Coach

Key Features

VERTIGO COACH is a handy source of information about vertigo to help your patients understand more about the condition.

VERTIGO COACH offers guidance on exercises that can help your patients including demonstration videos that they can watch and follow.

VERTIGO COACH can also send reminders to help your patients keep track of their medication and exercise schedules.


is available for you to recommend to your patients and is free to download.

Scan the QR code or click on the link below