8th Emirates Otorhinolaryngology
Audiology and Communication Disorders Congress
مؤتمر الإمارات الثامن لطب الأنف والأذن والحنجرة و اضطرابات السمع والتواصل
17 to 19 January 2018, InterContinental Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Ahmad Alamadi
Consultant Otologist and Neurotologist
Medical Director- Al Baraha Hospital
Clinical Associate Professor- Sharjah University
Dr. Medhat Yousef
R. Aud, Aud (C), Canada.
Consultant of Audiological Medicine.
King Abdullah Ear Specialist Center.
King Saud University

Dr Medhat Fathy M Yousef has received MBBCh from Menoufiya University, Egypt, 1994, Master degree of audiology, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 2000, and Doctorate degree (MD) in Audiology, Menoufiya University, 2008. He is Certified Clinical Audiologist, Aud(C), by Speech-language & Audiology Canada (SAC). He is also registered Audiologist , R.Aud,by Alberta college of speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

Dr Medhat Yousef is currently a consultant audiology physician at King Abdullah ear specialist center, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA. He is also consultant and lecturer of Audio-vestibular medicine at Menoufiya university, Egypt. He has previous long experience in Audiology field between Egypt, UK, and Canada. Dr. Yousef has been working in clinical Audiology alongside teaching for under and post graduate students.

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Mohamed El-Badry
Professor of Audio-vestibular medicine
Minia University

Dr. Mohamed Mohamed El-Badry is a professor of Audio-Vestibular medicine, MiniaUnivesity, Egypt. He graduated from the school of Medicine Minia University, Egypt in 1991. He had Master degree in Audiology from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 1995. He had Ph.D in Audiology from University of Buffalo USA.

Main research and clinical interest are in the auditory evoked potentials, diagnosis and management of different hearing and vestibulardisorders. Special interest and clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of auditory neuropthay spectrum disorder and the results of cochlear implantation in such hearing disorder

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Mohammad Ramadan Hassaan
Associate Professor of Audio-vestibular Medicine
ORL department, Faculty of Medicine,
Zagazig University,

Dr. Mohammad Ramadan Hassaan is an Associate Professor of Audio-vestibular Medicine in the ORL department, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt.

Dr. Mohammad was born in Sharkia, Egypt on 1st January 1971. He graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University in November 1993. He got his MS and MD Audiology degrees from the remarkable Egyptian University "Ain Shams". His MD thesis was in the development of informal auditory training program in Arabic language for children with auditory processing disorders.

After receiving his MD degree, Dr. Mohammad was hired as lecturer of Audiology in Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig university in 2006. He later was promoted to Associate Professor in 2012 in view of his Academic work, research activities and his publications. Currently, his research interests are about remediation of auditory processing disorders and measurement of late evoked potentials.

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Ossama Sobhy
Audiovestibular medicine
Alexandria University,

Dr Ossama Sobhy, PhD, professor of audiovestibular medicine at Alexandria University, Egypt since 2004. Dr Sobhy has obtained his PhD from Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee, USA in 1993. Dr Sobhy has many contributions in national as well as international audiology conferences. His areas of research are: auditory evoked potentials, auditory neuropathy and cochlear implantation.

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Trandil Hassan Elmehallawi
Professor of Audio-Vestibular Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine,
Tanta University,

Professor dr.Trandil Hassan Elmehallawi,
Professor of Audio-Vestibular Medicine,Faculty of Medicine,Tanta University,Egypt
Master degree and Doctorate degree At Ain-Shams University

  • Head of Audiology Unit,Tanta University till 31/7/2016
  • Member of Egyptian Audio-Vestibular Medicine Association (EAVMA)
  • Member of Egyptian ENT Association
  • Reviewer in Tanta medical Journal,and in Advanced Arab academy of Audiolo-Vestibular Medicine (AAAA)Journal
  • Reviewer in promotion committee of upgrading assistant professors and professors of supreme council of universities in Egypt

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