9th Emirates
Otolaryngology Audiology and
Communication Disorders Congress
16-18 January 2019

The EROC Research Forum

The EROC Research Forum is established by EROC for the purpose of
promoting research with its resultant benefits on healthcare.


The Forum aims at the advancement of scientific medical research in the field of otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery, audiology and communication disorders.


  1. Promoting and enhancing the culture of scientific research among young and aspiring scientists in the GCC countries..
  2. Promote research in the fields of the specialty in general
  3. Concentrating on the particular health problems pertaining to the field in our geographic area.

Four awards will be established every year which will be given to the top four candidates among residents of the various training programmes in the GCC countries. The winners will be awarded a certificate from the ERCOC. They will be invited to attend The 8th Emirates Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology and Communication Disorders Congress with air travel tickets, hotel accommodation and registration sponsored by the conference.

For further inquiries and registration please write to: Eroc_researech.forum@yahoo.com
Conference Committee EROC 2019